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  gweelos - 2021.10.17
 King of Swords - Tarot Card

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    King of Swords


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    • is comfortable in the world of the mind
    • uses thought creatively
    • grasps information quickly and completely
    • inspires and challenges through ideas
    • ably carries out research
    • is knowledgeable


    • cuts through confusion and mental fog
    • applies reason and logic
    • is talented with games and other mental challenges
    • easily breaks up complicated subjects
    • is adept at argument and debate
    • understands a problem quickly


    • is adept at language and verbal skills
    • communicates ideas successfully
    • is a stimulating conversationalist
    • often serves as a group spokesperson
    • is a lucid writer and speaker


    • renders honest, insightful judgments
    • understands and honors all sides of an issue
    • is concerned about truth and fairness
    • views situations with a dispassionate eye
    • is impartial and objective


    • is a moral/ethical leader
    • encourages high standards
    • works against corruption and dishonesty
    • takes the high road in all dealings
    • lives by his or her highest principles


    The King of Swords can form a pair with any other court card. Compare the ranks and suits of the two cards to see what such a pair might mean.
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  • Aries - sensual pleasure
  • Cancer - opposition, dissension
  • Leo - combining forces


    The personality of the King of Swords is a combination of the positive air energy of the Swords suit and the active, outward focus of a King. He is a man of intellect who can absorb and work with information of all kinds. As a master of reason and logic, he analyzes any problem with ease. He can work out solutions quickly and explain them lucidly to others. In a chaotic situation, he cuts through the confusion and provides the clarity needed to move forward. Others seek him out to present their case as he speaks with eloquence and insight. He is always truthful and can be relied on to handle any situation fairly and honorably. When a judgment is called for, he can render an impartial but just decision. He is incorruptible and lives by the highest ethical standards. He encourages those around him to do the same, and they often live up to his expectations.

    In readings, the King of Swords asks you to take the kinds of actions he might take. For example: telling the truth, thinking up a solution, communicating well, or judging fairly. This King can also represent a man or woman who is acting as he does, or an atmosphere of reason, honesty and high standards. In a reading, he tells you that his special energy has meaning for you at this time. Let yourself be inspired by this King in whatever form he appears in your life.