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    Five of Swords


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    acting in your own self-interest

    • setting aside the concerns of others
    • looking out for number one
    • thinking of your own needs
    • knowing you must concentrate on yourself
    • encountering selfishness
    • indulging in power plays
    • gloating
    • going for the win-lose result

    experiencing discord

    • being in a hostile environment
    • feeling people are set against each other
    • choosing to battle
    • having an "us-against-them" mentality
    • creating ill will
    • experiencing conflict

    witnessing open dishonor

    • losing your moral compass
    • letting ends justify means
    • sacrificing integrity
    • losing sight of what is right
    • achieving a dubious victory
    • knowing of criminal activity

    Opposing cards / zodiac signs

    • Emperor - following the rules, obeying the law
    • Justice - having integrity, doing what is right
    • Temperance - working with others, harmony, cooperation
    • Six of Cups - innocent, well-intentioned, kind
    • Aries - being on top of the world, in the flow
    • Gemini - diverging from the crowd, being a pioneer
    • Leo - lazy, lacking drive

    Reinforcing cards / zodiac signs


    The Five of Swords is about self-interest. Society tells us to think of others, yet we resist. How we can ignore our own concerns and still survive? This dilemma comes from our definition of self. If we view our self as our personality/body, our interests become those that relate to that self. Do I have enough to eat? Am I happy? Do I have all I want?

    We may expand our concern to those we love, but, then, how can we stop there? We are connected to everyone in the long run. In truth, our self is the world. What we do to that world, we do to ourselves. This understanding is so basic, but so infuriatingly easy to forget day-to-day.

    In readings, the Five of Swords can mean that you or someone else is forgetting this larger view of self. You are defining your interests too narrowly. If you try to get ahead in isolation, your actions will come back to haunt you later, one way or the other.

    Sometimes this card implies a need to put your own interests first. If you are being abused or taken advantage of, you must get free. If you are worn out by demands, take care of yourself. If it is your turn, step forward and claim your due. Just be aware that if you hurt others in the process, your victory will not feel complete.

    The Five of Swords also represents hostility - from a cross word to warfare. When the cords that bind us are broken, we experience dis-cord. This card can signify dishonors that are fairly open. Cheats, lies, tricks, deceits, even crimes. You may be on the receiving end, or be the perpetrator. Either way, hold to a larger view of who you are. Find the solution that is best for everyone...including yourself.