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    Nine of Cups


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    having your wish fulfilled

    • achieving what you desire
    • obtaining your goal
    • getting what you think you want
    • having your dream come true

    feeling satisfied

    • indulging in a little smugness
    • enjoying the situation just as it is
    • feeling pleased as punch
    • getting the results you hoped for
    • feeling all's well with the world
    • being contented

    enjoying sensual pleasure

    • experiencing luxury
    • savoring a delicious meal
    • appreciating the arts
    • making love
    • relaxing
    • experiencing beauty
    • enjoying physical exertion

    Opposing cards / zodiac signs

    • Hermit - focusing less on the senses
    • Five of Cups - regret
    • Aries - opposition, dissension
    • Gemini - being defensive, closing yourself off
    • Leo - good will, sharing

    Reinforcing cards / zodiac signs


    The man on the Nine of Cups reminds me of "the cat who ate the canary." Now, a canary is a pet strictly off limits to hungry felines. Any cat who manages to catch one is going to feel pretty smug about it. This is the feeling tone of the Nine of Cups - pure indulgence and self-satisfaction.

    At the physical level, the NIne of Cups is a sign of delight in all the senses. Sights, sounds, tastes, feelings. This card encourages you to seek out pleasure and enjoy your body in every way. You can commune with the natural world as well - the body of Mother Earth. She, too, delights in sharing her abundance.

    At the personal level, the Nine of Cups indicates contentment with the way things are. Notice how the man is seated confidently with his arms folded and a smile on his face. He has everything he wants and couldn't be happier about it. "See all my cups!" he seems to say. "Aren't they great?"

    Sometimes it's wonderful to sit back and revel in the knowledge that all's right with the world. But a word of caution. You may be tempted to indulge yourself at the cost of someone else (like our mischievous cat!). This may feel great at the time, but sooner or later the feathers around your mouth will be discovered, and regret will set in. Pursuit of pleasure without regard to consequences is never satisfying in the long run.

    In many tarot traditions, the Nine of Cups is known as the Wish Card. It shows your wish will come true. A wonderful prospect, but remember your fairy tale lessons. You must be sure you know what you really want and accept the responsibilities that go with your wish. If that is the case, then enjoy your good fortune!