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    Seven of Cups


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    indulging in wishful thinking

    • creating fantasies
    • dreaming
    • getting caught up in illusions
    • letting your imagination run wild
    • kidding yourself about the facts
    • building castles in the air
    • waiting for your ship to come in
    • lacking focus and commitment
    • avoiding putting ideas to the test

    having many options

    • being offered many alternatives
    • facing an array of choices
    • believing in limitless possibilities
    • looking at a wide open field
    • getting to pick and choose

    falling into dissipation

    • overindulging
    • letting everything go
    • becoming disorganized
    • eating/drinking/partying to excess
    • neglecting your health
    • entering into addictive patterns
    • being inclined toward indolence
    • being lazy
    • procrastinating

    Opposing cards / zodiac signs

    Reinforcing cards / zodiac signs

    • Devil - overindulgence, dissipation
    • Moon - illusions, unrealistic ideas, fantasy
    • Nine of Cups - sensual excess
    • Scorpio - self-deception, not seeing the truth
    • Aquarius - feeling powerful, knowing whats going on
    • Pisces - going by the rules, being conventional


    As I gaze around the room right now, taking in the casual disarray, I know the Seven of Cups speaks to me - for better or worse. It says, "Yes, order and hard work are nice, but ... isn't it more fun to just let everything go?" Letting everything go is what the Seven of Cups is all about.

    It is easy to worship the gods of efficiency and neatness. We like trim lawns, alphabetized filing systems and time management - the world of the Emperor. We admire order in all its forms and want everything to be just right. The Seven of Cups provides the balance. This card stands for all that is sloppy, impractical and lax.

    When the Seven of Cups appears in a reading, it is important to look carefully at how disordered your situation is. Is everything too controlled and regular? Perhaps you need to let things fall apart a little. When a rigid system breaks up, there can be a tremendous release of creativity. The man on the Seven of Cups is amazed by all the options he has.

    On the other hand, if you are in a chaotic situation, some tightening may be necessary. No one is happy and productive in a crazy environment. Regularity gives structure to life. Taken to an extreme, the looseness of the Seven of Cups can lead to harmful patterns of decadence, addiction and self-indulgence.

    Sometimes the laziness applies to your thoughts and dreams. It is easy to wish for something, but not so easy to make that wish come true. When you see this card, make sure that you are backing up your plans with work and effort. Tighten up your life and commit yourself to doing what it takes to reach your goals ... even if it means (sigh) cleaning house.