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    Three of Cups


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    feeling exuberant

    • bursting with energy
    • being in the flow
    • celebrating
    • overflowing with high spirits
    • feeling on top of the world
    • dancing and singing
    • putting yourself out there

    enjoying friendship

    • getting together with people you like
    • experiencing camaraderie
    • extending/receiving hospitality
    • sharing
    • finding companions
    • trusting others
    • relying on outside help

    valuing community

    • taking part in a support group
    • developing a team spirit
    • working together
    • uniting with others
    • forming a group bond
    • helping each other
    • discovering a common goal
    • being neighborly

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    There are three cards in the tarot that focus on the group - each from a different point of view. For the Hierophant, it's the formal approach. For the Three of Pentacles it's teamwork, and for the Three of Cups, it's emotions. What does it feel like to join with others? What is friendship and community? These are the questions answered by the Three of Cups.

    On this card, we see three women dancing together in a circle. Their arms reach out to each other to connect their feelings (Cups). In many settings, women create and nurture the social glue that bonds people together. These dancing women are a symbol of coming together in love. (Of course, these feelings do not only relate to woman.)

    In readings, the Three of Cups can signify a friend or the feelings associated with friendship. This card can represent community - the network of support created when we interact with others. It can be any group in which the members feel a bond. When you see the Three of Cups, examine your attachments to the groups in your life from an emotional point of view. Consider reaching out to give or receive help. This card stands for all forms of support, including formal aid such as counseling and other social services.

    The women on the Three of Cups also express joy and high spirits. Such feelings are not limited to groups, but can be especially strong there. Celebrations spontaneously arise when people feel connected, loved and secure. The Three of Cups can stand for a mood or experience that makes you feel like dancing and singing.