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    Ten of Cups


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    feeling joy

    • embracing happiness
    • having a sense of well-being
    • radiating love
    • delighting in good fortune
    • counting your blessings
    • expressing delight

    enjoying peace

    • experiencing serenity
    • doing away with hostilities
    • restoring harmony
    • reducing stress and tension
    • feeling contented and at ease
    • calling a truce
    • relaxing

    looking to the family

    • working for peace in the home
    • going on a family event
    • reaffirming a family commitment
    • supporting a relative in need
    • bonding with family members
    • forgiving someone in the family

    Opposing cards / zodiac signs

    Reinforcing cards / zodiac signs

    • Lovers - family relationships, bonding
    • Star - joy, positive feelings, blessings
    • World - happiness, emotional fulfillment
    • Six of Cups - feeling blessed, happy, joyful
    • Sagittarius - victory, control
    • Capricorn - having faith in what is, going with the flow
    • Pisces - self-promotion, being on top of the world


    On the Ten of Cups we see a loving couple with their carefree children. The family home is in the background, surrounded by trees and water. A rainbow of cups is overhead blessing the scene. A cynic might scoff at this romantic picture, but I see it as a symbol of what our emotional life could be at its best. The feelings represented here are an ideal that is within the reach of each of us.

    First, there is joy. Joy goes beyond happiness, contentment, enjoyment. It is the feeling that comes when we know at the deepest level that we are one with all that is, and it is good. Unfortunately, this is not exactly a common feeling! Too often we are blinded by the trials of life and overwhelmed by their challenges. Joy exists, though, and is our birthright.

    Peace is another aspect of the Ten of Cups - the serenity that comes when all elements are in harmony. There is inner peace and outer peace which are reflections of each other. When you are in harmony with yourself, you experience harmony in your environment. When you see the Ten of Cups, know that an end to hostility is possible. If there is fighting around you, it may cease. If you are at war with yourself, you may find peace.

    In readings, this card often signals a time of abundant blessings. It tells you that you can reach for the fulfillment you deserve, and it will come to you. Look for ways to realize joy and create peace. You may find the key to happiness in your family. Your family is the group of people you are attached to emotionally - for better or worse! If there is trouble in your family right now, work to restore harmony. The time is right for greater closeness.